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Swimming caps A new step for runireland.com today. Andrew Bree will hopefully swim at the Beijing Olympics with his swimming caps provided by runireland.com runireland.com are launching their new Swimming products for Swimming clubs and Triathlon clubs, with high quality silicone and dry fit t-shirts and team gear and it couldn’t have happened at a better time for the Irish swim team in Beijing.

On Sunday evening we got a call from Beijing with what seemed like an impossible challenge: to redesign and deliver swimming caps to the Irish team in Beijin in less than 24hours.

The runireland team worked hard through the night to liaise with China, as the time difference meant that it was 2am here when people in Beijing woke up and we were able to begin to organise production of the caps.

Tomorrow morning on RTE we will know if Andrew wear our cap with the Irish flag on it. Fingers crossed that our efforts were not in vain and we will see Andrew swim with a tricolour on his hat.

For more details on our new products :

Swimming Caps Price Guideline

or email us :
[email protected]

VIDEO from RTE : https://www.irishtriathlon.com/equiptoswim/video/Melanie.html


  1. Well done…. You just proved that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it :):) This is something that can be applied to almost any situation….. You sounded very well on the radio…. Good luck with the company……