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Run Galway Bay with your work colleagues as part of the Chamber Challenge - New to the event this year!

A fit and healthy workforce is crucial to the productivity of companies. People who exercise regularly generally have a more positive attitude to work, are more energetic and tend to have fewer sick days. Many companies are promoting a healthier lifestyle through their sports and social clubs - pizza and pub nights are now being replaced with fun physical activities including runs, cycles, triathlons etc. The added bonus is that very often companies who take part in these events also contribute to a charity.

DeCare Dental Sport a Smile 5 mile run

Sport a Smile While You Run for Cancer Care West

Online Registration open for 5mile sport a smile run in Claremorris in aid of Cancer Care West.
Mary Anderson Colour Marathon Carrickmore

Mary Anderson Colour Marathon

Tyrone's first official chipped timed marathon

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Ifs, Buts and Maybes… Running Through Fog.... Making Sense of Running Long

My mind is unsettled and the quality of my running ebbs and flows. Racing ambitions float around my head changing in size and shape as they bounce around. Alternating between delusional optimism and black pessimism, it gets hard to tell up from down. There are days when I believe I can see clearly what I’d like to do and then there are others when I know for sure that it’s all a ball of smoke.

Mick Rice

Carlsberg Don't Do Marathons............. by Grellan

.........................and they probably never will.

Defining myself by Eoin O'Beara

from Eoin's Journey

Lilliput by Thomas Bubendorfer

from Diary of a rubbish marathon runner

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