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Workout Wednesdays by Tough Mudder Ireland


Tough Mudder Ireland launched a new campaign this year called #WorkoutWednesdays. The idea of the campaign is to share a workout that is made with the intent of preparing the user for the 2018 Tough Mudder course. Each week features a new personal trainer from around Ireland.

A Workout to Suit You

The featured trainers were asked to produce a workout that they think would help prepare the person in training for Tough Mudder. There is no right or wrong way to train for a Tough Mudder event as you will find you use every muscle in your body on the course. Because of this, instead of sticking to the one standardised workout routine or nominating one personal trainer as Tough Mudder Ireland’s official coach, they decided to try and feature as many PT’s from all around Ireland as they possibly could. This would help to give a more diverse range of workouts.

The Workouts

In most cases, the workouts are in the form of a 10-15min video. The majority of the workouts include very little equipment to allow people to be able to complete the workouts regardless of if they have a gym membership or not. In some cases, the equipment used can be replaced by common objects found in a household. The workouts concentrate on upper body strength, lower body strength, stretching, improving stamina and building a strong core. Even if you are not planning on doing an OCR event check out these workouts as building a strong core and improving stamina are very beneficial to long-distance runners.

Featured Trainers (so far…)

For a full list of #WorkoutWednesday Videos please visit the Tough Mudder Ireland Website or YouTube Channel

If you would like to be featured in a workout please email [email protected]