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What should I be taking pre race?



Running my first half marathon in July. Haven’t used gels in any training runs so far, and probably won’t now. Is there anything else I should be taking in addition to water pre-race?


Hi Pebrennan08,

Great to get your post on here. Yes, your pre-race nutrition is essential for any event to be it a 10 km, 21Km or a full marathon. Carbohydrate is your main source of fuel so it is essential to be carbohydrate savvy. I’d recommend in the last 48 hours pre-race to begin to reduce your fibre intake and move away from your wholegrain sources e.g. brown rice and pasta to more refined grains such as white bread, rice and pasta. This will prevent an uneasy GI tract during your race. Hydration is key and it is really important that you sip regularly rather than consume large quantities of water at once. On race day due to the hot weather, I would recommend that you might add some energy drink to your water such as High 5 or PSP22 or a similar energy brand. This will add some electrolytes and more energy to your body which is essential. However, if you have not done this in training make sure that you try it at least on a light run before your race day. If your race is Clontarf this Saturday try it tonight or on your light run pre-race tomorrow. Regarding gels, I would not recommend them without using them in training. Think hydrating foods such as vegetables, fruit and good complete protein such as chicken, turkey, fish (no shellfish) and consume at least a portion of carbohydrates with each of your main meals.

I hope this will assist your race if we can be of any further assistance please just let me know,
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