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Tension headaches – Help

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Hi Jenny,

Seb here from runireland, I actually have a question for you, I am a normal guy after all!

I have some tension head ache which I find difficult to manage and stop me to train as much as I want. I always had them, and do get massage on it which does not solve the problem, just make it better for a short time. The tension starts behing the bulb and gets worst to the parietal region, then I need to line down. It seems to be due that I have a strong neck which pressurise the back of my head.

Any suggestion ?

Hey Seb, how’s it going?

The best thing to do for a tension headache like that is to massage the base of the skull daily when in the shower. Let the hot water run down the back of the head and massage across (east-west direction) over where the upper traps attach to the base of the skull. Do for 1-2 mins on each tender point. If it is extremely tender and feels bruised afterwards for the day, only do this every 2 days.

There is another great self-massage technique to ease this problem; lie on your right side to relax the right shoulder blade. Bring the left arm around the neck (as if giving yourself a hug) and feel along the inside top corner of the shoulder blade. Any tender points you find, massage for 1 minute. It works brilliantly. Always compare to the other side.

If the headaches do not ease after 2 weeks of doing this, you will need to present for a full assessment as there can be other issues with the neck that can cause this. Check www.findaphysio.ie for a local Chartered Physio.

Hope this helps Seb!

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