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Needing the toilet urgently while runnning



I am having problems running distances.once I have being running for about 40 min I always have the urgent need to use a toilet and not for a wee. I am training for a 1/2 marathon at the moment and would appreciate any suggestions.



Needing to go to the toilet urgently while out running is quite often a problem found in runners and when I say the toilet I do not mean to urinate. There can be a number of reasons for this but the most common reason can be due to too much fibre in the diet.

If you are consuming a diet rich in carbohydrates (insoluble fibre sources), fruit and vegetables this can tend to trigger your problem. Insoluble fibre improves our stool transit time which means our stools become more frequent. Running can also stimulate the stool movement so it can be a case of trying to figure out what is the best nutrition for you to reduce your stool transit time especially when running or in competition.

To be able to assist you further I would need to know your consumption over a seven day period including all your training and also your body composition. If this appeals to you then please contact us at healthpro and we can arrange an appointment with a dietitian.

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Many thanks for your query and I hope I have helped you to some degree,


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