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How can you motivate yourself in the Gym


Hi Sebastian,

This is really well-written and I absolutely agree with the articles.

I just found your site and haven’t read extensively (yet). But something that would help me would be some specific posts about creative ways to motivate people in a fitness club environment.


Thank you very much, it is much appreciated to have some nice comments thank you.

Very interesting question. “How can you motivate yourself in the Gym”

  • I suppose the first thing would be to go with someone so you can motivate each other, so when you think you don’t really want to go after work, your partner will tell you to come along. You will feel great after the session that you came.
  • You also can make a music playlist on your phone or music player. Say you want to do a 45min workout, just do a playlist of about 16songs which will make time going faster and will help you to go through the workouts.
  • You also can plan to watch your favourite TV show, most fitness clubs have their own Tv and earphone system in place, again shows are about 45min so great timing.
  • Sign up for some fitness classes, once you paid you will feel obliged to go and the instructor will manage the “entertainment” side of it to keep you going.

I hope this helps,


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