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Home Running

Cork City Marathon

For the first time the Maraton will take place on the Sunday of the Bank Holuday weekend, full details and registration on http://www.corkcitymarathon.ie

Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon

 Autumn is well under way now and you may be tempted to swap the running shoes for thermal socks, but stay focused, keep up...

Run The Gauntlet

 Voted 30 out of the Top 50 Outdoor Events in 2011 by Outsider Magazine. The Scenery is beautiful So what could be more fun than...
Woman Running

10 Steps To Injury Free Running

It’s ironic, but I have actually learned quite a lot about the mechanics of running since I retired from competitive athletics. Now I put...
Pain in hamstring muscles

Tight Hamstrings

In this article, I will address the subject of tight hamstrings rather than an injured or sprained hamstring. I have found tight hamstrings to...

So What is ChiRunning?

I loved running from I was very young and strangely enough looked forward to running around the muddy fields at home after school. Now...