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An IT band injury


I have an IT band injury going on at present. Minute I felt it playing up , stopped running and iced , streches etc. Two weeks on , been to physio, and its still tender, and no running. Any idea how long usually takes to heal ? Also training for Triathlon so probably not enough rest too or streching! Learnt my lesson now though. Dying to get back running, as it had been built up to pretty decent level. Have a feeling will be sitting it out for while though.

The IT Band can be a stickler but you have caught it early so you should progress quickly. ITB syndrome is an overuse one so rest with the appropriate rehab is needed, typically 6-8 weeks to get it totally painfree.

Ensure the following:

  • biomechanical assessment is carried out;
  • strength tests for gluteus medius, Maximus and VMO (inside quad);
  • don’t bother stretching ITB- it doesn’t work. Instead use a foam roller to release it;
  • quads stretch (advanced), best up against the wall in kneeling so you can control it.

For more info please see www.totalphysio.ie

Good luck!