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Recovery time for Retrocalcaneal bursitis


I have just been diagnosed with Retrocalcaneal Bursitis…I ran a 10k in the Phoenix Park 3 weeks ago today…I’m still limping…I know now it was overtraining that did it. I’m desperate to get back running but I feel it’ll be a long while yet before I can do so. I’m hoping to keep my fitness levels up with swimming and cycling. I’m so upset that I can’t run. I know everyone’s recovery is different but is there any idea of recovery time for this injury? 

Hi Siobhan,

Thanks for the message. Retrocalcaneal bursitis is not the worst injury you can get, as it recovers quite quickly compared to some of the other overuse injuries.

Typically it takes 6-8 weeks to settle. You can speed this up by icing very regularly, wearing a heel wedge to ease the pressure on the Achilles tendon and resting from any aggravating activities.

It’s not enough to just rest, however. You should see your Chartered Physio make sure that the flexibility of the lower limb is sufficient for the training you like to do and to ensure optimal lower limb and especially ankle and calf strength. This will prevent bursitis coming back. If you just rest it without building it back up again, you have a much higher chance of this recurring.

Good luck with it!

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