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Dislocated Pelvis

Femur bone. Human anatomy. 3D illustrationFemur bone. Human anatomy. 3D illustration

Hi Jenny,

I dislocated my pelvis prior to Christmas and had it re-inserted by a chiropractor (painful but effective). Unfortunately the pelvis appears to have slipped out again recently, but the attempt by the chiropractor was unsuccessful in re-inserting it. Is there any exercise or movement I can perform myself to assist the pelvis sitting back in?

Many thanks,

Hi Stuart,

The pelvis does not just dislocate, it is too stable a structure, rather you can get slight adjustments in the sacro-iliac joints which can be manipulated and release a “click” which sounds like something popping back into place.

I cannot recommend any one particular move for you to solve this yourself, I would suggest you get to your local Chartered Physio for a full assessment as to why this is happening and for treatment. In the meantime just practice gentle rotation of the lower back by lying on your back, 2 knees bent up and let the knees fall from side to side. This will help to relax the area for you.

For more info, please see www.totalphysio.ie

Good luck!