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Kilimanjaro Blog – Entry #4


Welcome to Kilimanjaro Blog Entry 4. April was a bit of blur. Tried to up the ante with distance with running, but it’s definitely having its toll.








I had planned to chance the full marathon at the Great Limerick Run, but due to previously mentioned back setting, have had to drop back to the half marathon. Fatigue isbecoming a factor, I think I need to get more rest days from May onwards and get smarter in general with rest. In total – did 252.9KM’s from April 1st up to April 26th, which consisted mainly of running (181km), walking (44km) and some hiking (27km). Main hike of note being Carrauntoohil – Snapshot further down below. Work also carried out a charity cycle to directly support the Irish Cancer Society & have started to look for the gear needed for Kilimanjaro as well as getting most of the requisite inoculations for the trip.

April 6th –Silvermines Start to Keeper Hill Hike– with Daniel Collins

Very steep ascent – there was a 1k section en route to top where we were at 30% gradient – see snapshot below going to 700 metres – it felt akin to walking up the side of a wall! 


Analog Devices Charity Cycle – April 14th

April 14th was the inaugural charity cycle for the Analog Devices ADCC charity event. Fantastic turnout of just under 100 people of all skill levels undertook the 50km route which started out in Mungret and went through Askeaton, Rathkeale, Adare, finishing back in Mungret. In total 2000 Euro was raised directly for the Irish Cancer Society. Massive thanks to Tara Carr for organising this excellent event.

Running – Miscellaneous – 1st to 26th April

Tried to up the mileage a small bit for April – did multiple 10/12ks – 1X 24km LSR, 1 X 17k LSR and 1 X 19k LSR and then ran 2 half marathon distances in 3 days on April 24th and April 26th respectively – I must admit I am walking slightly like Walter White Junior from Breaking Bad today April 27th whilst walking up and down the stairs at work to the canteen.(“Have an A1 DAAaaaaeeeeee”). Speaking of breaking bad, click here for an excellent YouTube clip of a guy who does impressions from the show – very accurate.

I had originally signed up to complete the full marathon in the Great Limerick Run but after getting the bone put back in my back, I had to downgrade to the half marathon. Also a mate of mine is doing his first half marathon – Mr. Jason O Neill, so in true Florence Nightingale support mode, will be running it with him. He’s hoping to come in around 1 hr 55 min mark or thereabouts. He gets nervous when running alone so running with him will definitely assist with his first half marathon and give him the confidence to pick up his pace and stay on track with me likely yelling at 3km intervals “…you call that running a half marathon,..,.you M*&&er F*cker….pick up the F&*king pace or else”!!!!!.

I’m clearly a true friend. This half will be my 20th of that distance in a race format over the last 2.5 years.

Carrauntoohil – April 19th 2018 – With Daniel Collins and Eoin Boyce

I was chomping at the bit to try the mother of all Irish mountains – We left limerick at 6.30 am Thursday April 19th. Stopped in Killarney for some supplies (grub) and started out from the car park at the base approx. 9am.

Carrauntoohil is situated in the MacGillycuddy Reeks in Kerry, and known to most as the largest peak in Ireland. On this hike, we took in “Corran Tuathail” and also the third largest peak of Caher . More detail can be found here. We parked in the car park and took the Devils Ladder route, probably the most direct ascent, definitely steep. I found you needed definite thigh and leg strength for this section.

Sure footing was also key, having to watch every step and some of the stones you were climbing over were loose to movement under your feet. Great burn on the calves and thighs from this particular route. We got to the Carrauntoohil summit shortly after 11.30am.  It was pretty foggy all the way up, bit windy, but no cold. We stopped just before the cross and had a bite to eat, and just like Moses parting the red sea, the clouds cleared giving us the most amazing views. Total moving time was just under 4 hours which wasn’t too bad at all for up and down. I also got a farmers tan sun burnt on my neck!


Kilimanjaro Gear:

Below is the official list of gear required. I won’t lie, of the few items I do have from the below list, they are of questionable quality and we will definitely have to look in to getting the gear over the next couple of months so as to break in. I would estimate, it will cost approx. 1300 – 1600 Euro per person to kit us out to a moderate level.

Inoculations for the Trip

My arms are starting to feel like a pin cushion. Have had 5 jabs to date and need 1 more. You need a specific passport type do

cument to enter the country and you won’t be allowed to travel without proof of the inoculations. To date, have had Tetanus shot/Hepatitis A&B, Typhoid, Yellow fever and Rabies. There is also a Cholera vaccination, but this is an oral solution taken closer the time and it’s in my fridge currently until the last week in September….apparently it tastes like berries and it’s absorbed directly in to the gut! The other medication that’s required in tablet form is for Malaria and also Diomax (which is for altitude sickness). You are also recommended to bring a mosquito repellant, anti “the – shits” tablets, pain killers, anti-inflammatory tablets, water sterilising tablets, motillium etc.

Next month, will have to concentrate more on hiking and also will be attending the great limerick run.


All the best,


(F.Y.I – here is the link to the online donation platform, if anyone wants to donate to the ICS.)

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