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Caster Semenya Files Appeal in Swiss Supreme Court Against IAAF Testosterone Case Ruling

Source: Twitter @caster800m

Caster Semenya has filed an appeal to the Swiss federal Supreme Court against the recent decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport whereby she must artificially lower her natural testosterone levels.

In 2018, the IAAF introduced new regulations for female athletes with naturally high testosterone, after research found that female runners with high testosterone levels have a competitive advantage.

Challenging the New Rules

Caster Semenya, two time 800m Olympic champion, challenged the regulations which would require her to take hormones to alter her natural hormone level.

Earlier this year, the legal hearing began. May 1st saw Semenya losing her case.

The loss of this case went viral, with strong reactions all over social media at the unfairness of the situation. The ruling meant that athletes with naturally high testosterone would have to artificially lower their testosterone with hormone treatment.

As it stands, this is the current requirement to compete.

Taking the case to the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland

On May 29th, 2019, Semenya made a new appeal to Swiss federal supreme court.

“I am a woman and I am a world-class athlete. The IAAF will not drug me or stop me from being who I am,” said Semenya in her statement.

Semenya’s lawyer emphasised the violation of human rights, saying “The IAAF regulations violate the most fundamental principles of Swiss public policy. In the race for justice, human rights must win over sporting interests.”

While the appeal is processed, Semenya will continue to race in longer distances to avoid the IAAF regulations, with a 3,000 metre coming up next month at Stanford University.