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5 tips for KBC Dublin Marathon from Doireann Murtagh, Physiotherapist from Beacon Hospital’s New Sports Lab


Congratulations! All the hard work has been done and you’re now only a few days out from the 2019 KBC Dublin City Marathon. Completing a marathon is a massive achievement, so now take confidence from the effort and training that you have put in over the last few weeks and months.

Here are 5 Tips for Race Day from Doireann Murtagh, Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist from Beacon Hospital’s new Sports Lab.

What to Wear on Race Day

Firstly, as temperatures are continuing to drop it’s important to keep as warm as possible before, during and after the marathon; an old jumper/hat or top that can be discarded just before the marathon starts would be ideal and be sure to have layers for the finish line.

Secondly, make sure the runners you wear on the day are well broken in and fit comfortably. Wear your tried and trusted socks and apply blister plasters before the marathon on areas that are prone to blisters. Finally, don’t forget to rub Vaseline on the parts of your body that will rub repeatedly against your clothing.

Warm-Up on Race Day

Ensure you perform an adequate dynamic warm-up prior to the start to prepare your joints and muscles for your race pace. This can involve easy jogging, short strides and dynamic drills involving heel kicks, high knee running and trunk twists. Follow this with ‘short duration’ stretches of the main leg muscle groups, i.e. glutes, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles.

Stick to the Race Day Plan

Stick to your pre-determined pace. It’s so easy to get swept away with the crowd and adrenaline and start off faster than you would like but remember there is still a long way to go.

Don’t try anything new

You may be thinking tactics and different strategies to elevate your performance but at this stage change absolutely nothing! Sudden changes in what or how much you eat/drink before or even during the race can upset your stomach and may change how you run. So don’t be tempted by gels or new drinks, if you haven’t trialled them during your long training runs.

After Race Recovery

Kick start the recovery process immediately after the race with a 10-15 minute walk and perform a cool-down including static stretches. This can help reduce that post-marathon muscle soreness and joint stiffness.

If you sustain a minor injury follow the POLICE protocol: Protect, Optimally load, Ice, Compress, and Elevate and for more serious injuries seek medical advice asap.

Relax, enjoy the day and soak in the atmosphere. We wish all the participants an injury-free race!

If you need post-race assessment or treatment for any injuries that have developed contact us at 01 293 7575 or email [email protected]

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