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10 Tips to Help you Start Running in 2020


With the new year here there’s no time like the present to get into running. Whether running a race is on your new year resolutions or you need a new way to stay fit here is a list we have compiled of the top 10 tips to help you get started.

1. Set a Goal

Setting a goal will help you keep on track and keep you motivated as you begin running. Book a race or just set a goal distance. Choose whatever distance you think will work for you.

2. Stay hydrated

If you start feeling fatigued or get a headache this could be because of dehydration. It’s extremely important that you make sure to drink water and stay hydrated especially if you start moving towards doing longer distances.

3. Get the right gear

Make sure you have the proper gear. If you don’t have the right shoes you could end doing more harm then good whether through blisters or injuries. Not having the right gear can lead to problems of discomfort and even injuries

4. Start small

Don’t push yourself too hard when you start off or else you could end up injuring yourself. Start small and build it up. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Once you have a solid foundation you can worry about building it up.

5. Warm-up

Do some stretches and warm-up before you go out on a run. This will help you stay uninjured and make it easier to keep going the next day. 

6. Eat well

Having a good diet can be very important especially to your recovery after a tough run. It doesn’t need to be overly strict but the better you eat the better you will be able to run. Carbs are especially important for running.

7. Sleep well

It won’t help you if you start out tired. Try and get a good nights sleep so that you are well-rested 

8. Form a habit

Find a time that suits you and go out every day. At first, it will be a bit difficult to go out or to find the time but once you’ve fallen into a habit it will become second nature to you.

9. Try  to Find a Group

Running with a group will give you more of a sense of accountability. It’s harder to drop out if other people are depending on you. It can also make it more enjoyable.

10. Have Fun!

Make your running enjoyable. If you aren’t enjoying yourself you’ll find it much harder to keep it up and reach your goals. It won’t always be great getting into shape can be frustrating at times but do whatever you can to make it fun, whether it’s making a new playlist or going to more scenic routes.