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Your First Marathon


Running Advice Preparing for your first Marathon.

 Wanting to compete and cover that Marathon you registered for, Well here is some Marathon running tips. marathon is a personnel triumph when you cross the finish line after all the early morning and evening training’ Sound familiar but there is more just training and preparation. Any runner, new or experienced can use some training Marathon tips to make sure there ready for the big race and to complete the marathon safely.


tip 1 Training Marathon training means running and of cousre stretching before you run and need to be able to build that all important base. Do not attempt speed work unless you are well experienced expierince. If you are new to running you are better off starting easy on running and dont over do it as there are muscles you may have not used in a long time and they can get damaged ‘Pulled’. Starting off need to be able to cover a Short distance and work it up only then are you ready for bigger and better things. Make sure you get the the Training and mileage covered first before you try anything big.

Tip 2 Mileage One major focus of your running for a marathon is preparation and this needs a long run. It is regonised that you do about five or six runs of twenty miles in training when you are experienced in running and mostly experierince in your training. This helps the body to improve its fuel burning processes and to lengthen the time you can run on easy carbohydrates. runners needs carbohydrates and when this goes low your body moves on to burning fat which is tougher. When this happens you are running on empty gas and need refueling. Now, newer training methods suggest that the long run is not as important as traditionally believed. And it is true, if you would do only 40 miles per week, and so your long run would be 50% of your weekly mileage, then that long run becomes incredibly tough on the body. When you are on low weekly mileage you may in fact be better off not doing the long runs of 20 miles, but to make them slightly shorter, e.g. 16 miles. But that would then mean that you would have to do more middle-long runs, and/or higher intensity long runs to make up for this.

Tip 3 Performance Your marathon performance will benefit tremendously of a second long run, shorter than the longest run. Your body needs to build up that exposure to longer runs. So try to fit in as many runs over 90 minutes as you can handle and can fit in. Training runs over 90 minutes will help your body change its fuel burning processes.

Tip 4 Taper You have to be prepared for race day and you should taper. Training for a marathon make you very tired. Cut back your heavy training in the few weeks before the Marathon and make sure you last 20 Miles is at least three weeks before the race. some times your running plans can get mixed up due to unseen circumstances but do make sure you get a 20 mile the next weekend, for example two weeks ahead of the race. Always make sure you stretch down after each training session, and run the palms of your hands down the calf muscles to increase circulation. Your main marathon training is done 1 – 6 months out from race day. So do not try to increase your mileage at the last minute in the weeks before the marathon. It may give you some extra confidence that you have done what you needed to do in training, but in fact it will back-fire because you will simply be tired when you do your race.

Tip 5 Meals Meals and energy drinks are vital to have right on the day. We all differ but it is recommended that during your training you only van work out what food suits you. Always remember during marathon there is loads of water points on day, Again get the right amount of fluids into your system as dehydration comes on very fast.

Tip 6. Friends We all like to have our friends or family member with us on race day that’s great, But what if it is there first time to participate and may have not done any preparation or may have. You may be on your second Marathon or more and be very competitive and what to beat your last marathon time but you have your friend with you on the day, ‘Advice’ Tell them well in advance that you intend to beat your last personnel record and you will be there at start of the race and meet them at the end. Let them know this well in advance but don’t distract them in any way to turn them of the race, encourage them to turn up and arrange a meal or a drink afterwards and discuss how you both did.

Tip 7 Sleep Sleep is vital the night before the Marathon and being human our minds can race ahead of us. The best advise on this is to get at least two nights good sleep. Simply go to bed early sink in to the mattress, Take easy deep breaths in and exhale slowly eyes closed. Clear your mind of the race day. If you have any jobs, appointments, Bills ect do them well in advance and leave at least two days free of all worries before marathon.

Tip 8 Transports If you live close to the marathon that’s great as you can drive or run that short distance, but if you are a good distance away try to stay overnight and book into a hotel, B&B or stay with a friend, Experts say car sharing is good too.

Paul Drumm is Managing Director of www.sportspain.info K-Active Sports Injuries Tape.