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Your chance to beat the Curlews !


The real challenge ! On the August 15th 1599 Sir Conyers Clifford assembled his English troops, at Boyle, in all about 3,000 men. Red Hugh O’Donnell, whose force numbered some 2,000, awaited the enemy at The Curlews mountain pass. In less than 30 minutes the Irish had defeated the weary British.

The Battle of the Curlews, was the last great battle fought and won by Irish clans fighting against the British. Would you be able for the fight. 400 years ago it was McDermott and O’Rourke under Red Hugh O’Donnell. Now its your chance to make that journey. Serious Athletes want to take on the challenge while others will walk and admire the fantastic scenery. Others might dress up and have so fun!

It is now seen as one bf the toughest 10K’s in Ireland. It is offically measured by The Athletic Association. All proceeds go to the Roscommon Branch of MS Ireland. They provide local support to people and families living with MS in the area. The branch is run by volunteers who have MS themselves or have somebody close to them with MS. We will be taking on the challenge. Prizes for first male and female home, The first Team, Best period fancy dress. Best Superhero costume. Get your team ready and lets enjoy. Refreshments available at end. Spectacular prizes to the winners as well as participants.