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Xmas is coming, so how will you motivate your self in the new year?


Class 005 Beckons – Aim High, Achieve High Back in November I had 63 people booked in to take on my Challenge, the most unique challenge that exists in Ireland, a challenge no-one else is offering and a challenge that will give you a measure of your own character and helps develop a person beyond what they thought possible. Of those 63, 23 decided to receive a DOR by default, 40 showed up, and they had an amazing day on the beach, even those that rang out!

4 hours sounds like a lot when you think about standing on an open beach working your butt off taking orders from military personnel pushing you past what you thought normal boundaries. In the end, those that are left standing will be a team!


I have previously written quite substantially about the purpose of this event, about the background, its motives and where it leads, today I invite you to view actual footage from the last Class to take my challenge on: Class 004 started out with 63 bookings, 23 received a default DOR and a further 8 rang out on the day!


Check out the video and see how the 32 that made it to the end faired out:

Hell Week PT Class 004 21.11.10


After watching that, if you fancy a challenge, military in style, ethos and delivery, the sign up here on runireland.com: