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World Youth Peace Summit Walk And Run



On the 21st of May 2011 Desmond Tutu will lead a peace walk in the University of Connecticut. This will commence a series of Peace walks which have been organised all over the world in support for the World Youth Peace Summit. Ireland will be one of the countries involved and both a peace walk and a run will be held at the University of Limerick on the 22nd of May. We are planning a fun day with both the walk and run starting at 2pm From the University Arena. University of Limerick. The walk and Run will be 5k on the campus.By walking and running you will be helping to support the 120 participants and volunteers representing the Island of Ireland at the world youth peace summit and the world scholar athlete games held at Hartford in June 2010.This is a life changing opportunity for both participants and volunteers. You can support us by filling out a sponsor card and running or walking on the day, or you can volunteer to help to organise the event.