Home Event WOI Marathon Series – Portumna

WOI Marathon Series – Portumna


9.30 Start

Portumna Route

If you need water or anything else along the route, drop it yourself before start. As this is an 8 lap route there are lots of opportunities to pick up supplies.

As usual, these are very low key runs and are ideal for
People who like to run the marathon distance
Experienced runners who do not need assistance on the course

These Marathons do not suit:
Inexperienced/first time marathoners or anyone who needs assistance on the course
People expecting a big event – this is an informal but official gathering of like-minded distance runners
People who are looking to achieve a fast finish time.

In a bid to keep the price as low as possible There will be no finish gantry, tee shirts, mile markers or the usual big race facilities These races are to be regarded as self-sufficient.