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For whom the Bell Tolls…


Thursday Deadline On Sunday of this week, Mornington Beach will play host to the most dramatic, most enduring and most rewarding event it has ever seen. Nothing like this has been done in Ireland before! It is the first of its kind and promises to be a great day for everyone.

A race, this is not! A prize winning event, this is not! A Character Measure, this IS! A test of mental strength, this IS!

To complete my challenge, you don’t need to be physically built like Atlas, you don’t need to be able to run very fast, all you need is – a little bit of heart.

There are over 60 people coming to Mornington on Sunday 21st November for 0900, the event begins at 1000 and will see people go through a military style endurance challenge for 4 hours, or until they ring my ship’s bell to quit.

Push-ups, sit-ups, Jack-knife sit-ups, thrust squats and more, will be the main course of the first hour. The second hour will introduce sandbags, exercising in the sea’s surf, right on the edge of the shore line. The third hour will see a range of team work and the fourth hour has some lovely steep dunes to run up and down – and that’s only a snippet.

If you have ever watched films like GI Jane, The Finest Hour, or a similar film featuring selection processes for the military, and you have something akin to what you will go through on Mornington Beach on Sunday.

If you are wondering will you last 4 hours, or do you have to go all 4 hours, the answer is no! You don’t have to go all 4 hours, there is a bell there and that bell can be rung 3 times to signify your desire to stop. The first hour is compulsory however.

With people coming from North and South, East and West, this event will give people new skills, leadership techniques, and insight into their own character, offer teambuilding and will produce some fine results.

The challenge is to see how far you can go physically and then when the chips are down, will you have the mental strength to push through? It is NOT a pass or fail event, the only reward you get is the knowledge that you reached your goal – whatever that may be – and if you complete all 4 hours, you have my respect.

Thursday is the cut-off point for entries and I won’t be taking entries on the day, so please take note that you are required to commit by Thursday afternoon by the latest if you are interested in this event.

If you do choose to cross my quarter deck, I promise you will walk away with a better measure of exactly who you are.

The only easy day, was yesterday…

ENTER HERE: https://www.runireland.com/events/hwpt-4-hour-evolution-endurance-challenge