Class 005’s Training has begun… Hellweek PT is becoming very well known around the country, and globe as it happens, in recent weeks. The challenge taking place on March 6th has attracted people from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the rest of Ireland too.

This is the hottest new challenge to hit the shores of Ireland off the back of Class 004 from Nov 21st 2010 there has been enormous interest in this challenge. Base don the extreme rigours of elite selection processes from the UK and US, it has recently just been endorsed and approved by veteran US Navy SEAL’s and UK Commandos, this challenge is the real deal!


Every effort was made back in November to resist ringing my ship’s bell, but not everyone made it! Now it’s the turn of a whole new class, 100 places, 100 candidates, but how many will make it to the end of all 4 hours?


Training for Class 005’s “day of days” has already begun, with some already in full-force circuits for it. To help everyone get an idea of the first hour’s work there will be 2 free training sessions held in Dublin and Meath.


Places are selling out FAST on this one, everyday there are new registrations and the limit for this challenge is 100 – it won’t be long before they are filled at this rate, so if you are serious about taking part or have just come across the event, please register and then get cracking training.


FREE Training sessions arranged for:


Jan 23 = Phoenix Park, Rally point = Pope’s Cross, RV Time: 1300Z, Duration: 90 minutes.


Feb 6th = Mornington Beach, Rally Point = Maiden’s Tower, RV Time: 1200Z, Duration: 90 minutes.


Both of these training session are FREE! They are meant as a chance for those taking part to get an idea of the level of effort required in the first hour, and on the 6th you will be introduced to working on the beach.


It’s a good chance to bring along a friend and also meet some of the crew that will be instructing you on the day. No harm in bringing along some moral support if you like.


Feedback from Nov 21st:

One of the hardest event i have ever done, very tough were the sea was involved, many time nearly backed out, the cold in me was something i will never ever forget….but was on a complete high to have finished it….soo delighted i did it now…no doubt after a few days i will forget the hard parts and yes will prob be up for another one…thanks again. – Elaine Boyle – Tirathlete and Runner


Super Challenge today Sean and Brian, great sense of achievement on completion. Well done on organising a really great event. I love the feeling of sea water coming down my neck whilst doing sit ups, everyone should experience it at least once in a lifetime!!! – James Gibbons – Bootcamp Ireland Meath Organiser.


It was some experience on Sunday, I really didn’t think I’d make it the whole 4 hours and actually went to drop out about 3 hours in. Boat Crew 1 were brilliant though, I didn’t want to let them down and they talked me into sticking it out. I’m really glad I did, despite the pain I’ve been in this week. – Marcus Pearson


Very tough, very rewarding. – Eddie Bohan TriPlanet