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Who can benefit from Aqua Running?


Aqua running is really a fantastic way to keep training while injured or to cross train. Every runner would benefit from Aqua or deep water Running, it could be the answer to your injury prayers and allow you to run while injured? Dr. Garry Killgore, Professor of biomechanics, head track and field coach at Linfield College, Oregon, USA and founder of AQx Sports has come up with a concept and a product to take aqua running or deep water running – that step further. Dr. Killgore explains at his workshops that water is a unique environment for training and for rehabilitation. Water can act to assist, to resist or to support. When we run on dry land the major form of resistance is air/gravity but since water is 775 times denser than air, when you ‘run’ in the water your biomechanical weaknesses are exposed. Research has shown that running form and the mechanics of running on land and in water are very different. Running in water will improve your running technique on land.

And it doesn’t end there. Deep water running does have many advantages and is the “secret weapon” of many world class athletes including Lornah Kiplagat (2007 Woman’s World Cross Country Champion) used deep water running while injured during September 2006, between 10th – 16th September 2006 and on 17th September Lornah broke the 10mile road record. If you are prone to injury, aqua running will give you the opportunity to add extra miles without adding risk of injury.

Aqua Running Workshop will take place in Trinity College Dublin, Swimming Pool on Sunday 25th May 2008 @ 11:00am


Aqua Running Training :
Venue: Trinity College, Dublin, Swimming Pool

Date: 25th May 2008

Time: 11am – 4:00pm

At this workshop you will learn the techique of running in the deepend using the lastest AQX Running Suit and Shoes, you will get the opportunity to learn just how much running, plyometrics and many more sessions you can do in the pool to keep you fit while injured or to use while cross training.

The cost is 120euro per person. Fully training will be provided with the new Aqua-Running suit and shoes.

If you are interested in attending this workshop please contact me [email protected]

or contact: Muriel Haire (087) 2491624 or Grainne Butler (086) 8569352