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What is Kinesiology Tape


Kinesiology Sports Tape Unlike regular athletic taping, using kinesiology tape allows freedom of motion without restricting muscles or blood flow. By allowing the muscles a larger degree of movement, the body is able to heal itself more quickly and fully than before.

Kinesiology tape comes in roll form and also in 16 pre-cut, pre-designed,pre-packaged applications. Made of high-grade cotton material with 100% acrylic, hypoallergenic adhesive, this tape is water-resistant, breathable and may be worn for up to five days. Making kinesiology tape one of the most convenient and economical therapeutic modalities available today Kinesiology tape has been used to successfully treat sports people since the 1970’s. However it is only since the Beijing Olympics that kinesiology tape has started to receive media recognition. Now in 2010 it is used by many famous athletes such as; David Beckham, Lance Armstrong, Andy Murray and Gareth Bale to name but a few.

This exposure has led to incredible demand for kinesiology tape at all levels in the USA and it is a trend that looks set to continue in the UK. Already this year we have seen kinesiology tape being worn by the England Rugby Team, Chelsea FC and several GB athletes. You can see more at www.sportspain.info Paul Drumm is Managing Director of Sports Pain.