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Virtual King of Greystones Triathlon 2020


VKOG2020 is a virtual triathlon that allows you to complete the triathlon distance of your choice, on your own time, in your own location.
No costly entry fees, no travel expenses, no race-day hassle or pressure, there are really no drawbacks!
Register for: Either a Sprint or Duathlon (option for any “non-swimmers,” out there (see distance breakdown below).

You can choose to spread your three disciplines over the 72 hours
(6am Friday 24th July – 6pm -Sunday 26th July) or complete them one after another in true triathlon style – whatever suits your commitments and ability – that’s the beauty of virtual events.

Location: Anywhere

The Cost: You can do it for free (and give yourself a high five at the end) or, you can to make a minimum €30 donation to The Gavin Glynn Foundation (Helping Families Fighting Childhood Cancer) and receive a VKOG2020 Finisher Pack. Here is your chance to stay active when you can’t participate in an in-person race.

Choose your preferred race distance:

• Sprint Distance – 750m (swim), 20km (bike), 5km (run)
• Duathlon – 5km (run), 20km Bike, 2.5km (Run)

You can do each leg at separate times over the weekend if you wish, for example in the case of a duathlon:

• Friday – Leg 1: First Run Duathlon or (750m Swim)
• Saturday– Leg 2: Cycle
• Sunday – Leg 3: Second Run


Whether you are a seasoned triathlon, veteran or brand new to the sport, anyone can compete in VKOG2020.

Okay, so how do ‘Virtual Triathlons’ work?
A virtual triathlon is a race that can be completed at any location.
You can Run/Walk, cycle/swim outside while adhering to social distancing and safety rules.


We have partnered with Results Base who has the only fully integrated solution for virtual events. Participants once registered for VKOG2020 will then create a profile on ResultsBase Website and can link your Strava account to the VKOG2020 Event. This will allow us to have a live leader board for the event across all disciplines and races.

To register and find out more details please visit:

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