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The Ultimate Bootcamp Challenge


The Challenges

 Fun, Frolics and Fitness

Obstacle Crossing: A series of obstacles to overcome
Medi Evac: Carrying a stretcher through a designated area
Timed Run: A 1.5mile run on varying terrain
Sudoko Sandbag: Challenging your mental and physical capabilities
Log Run: Each group will have to move a log from A to B
Pyramid Hill: Find the sandbags and build a pyramid on the top of a hill
Bouldering: 200 meters of navigating through obstacles in a low lying river
Bog Run: The age old tradition of running through the bog

Football, Soccer, Hurling and Rugby teams can challenge each other on neutral ground. Non competitive teams are ideal for a group of friends who wish to get out in the fresh air and enjoy a healthy, fun Saturday while supporting a good cause.


Directions : From City head out the North Ring road

Take the left exit for Blackpool Village,

Head through the village

At the end of village

Take right hand road beside the groto

Continue up the hill

First left after Kilabarry Industrial Estate

Delaney’s Hurling & Footbal Club is situated at the end of this road.