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As a Tri – Newbie welcome to the start of an amazing journey. This event has been added by popular demand to the 2012 Camlough Lake Water Festival https://www.clwf.eu/

This event is open to all who would like to get an experience of a Triathlon event: Swim 250m, Transition, Bike 6k , Transition and Run 3k.

LOCATION Camlough Lake, Camlough. Co.Armagh.

PARKING Free parking on the roadside leading up to the lake.

REGISTRATION Lakeside from 830am– 11.00am. Register and Registration closes 60 minutes prior to the event start time if you are late you don’t race. Please inform us at registration if you have any medical condition. If you feel unwell best advice is not to race.

PRE- RACE As a warm up and also to help ensure you they know the route, ensure you familiarise yourself with start point (at Camlough Lake), transition area, bike and run route and the all important finish line! The transition area is used between the swim and bike segments (T1), and the bike and run segments (T2). These areas are used to store bicycles, performance apparel, and any other accessories essential for preparing and gearing up for the next stage of the race. In addition, these areas provide a social headquarters prior to the race, and are an integral part of triathlete culture. Have a stretch and a mini warm up, check that all your equipment, goggles, bike, helmet etc. fit and are where they should be.

SWIM The swim route is 250 m. This is an open water swim so we advise wearing a wet suit. Goggles are advisable but not mandatory. There will be kayak support.

BIKE The bike route is 6k. Prior to the race your bike may be given a safety check. Please ensure your bike is in good working order on the day.
PLEASE NOTE: Roads are not closed to other road users so please ride safely and obey the rules of the road.
Once you have finished your cycle, please ensure you dismount before the dismount line and run your bike back into transition, only them you should take of your helmet.

RUN The run route is 3k to the finish line.