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Here Come The Girls to Tough Mudder Ireland

Roz Purcell tackling Block Ness Monster at Tough Mudder Ireland

Things are hotting up at Tough Mudder HQ for the annual pilgrimage to Loughcrew in Co. Meath for the world’s toughest and most fun obstacle course.

Taking place on July 20th & 21st, Tough Mudder is expected to attract over 5,000 participants this year. With two routes to choose from, the Classic 8 Mile and 5K both offer participants the opportunity to test their physical and mental strength whilst having fun in the mud and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow Mudders. 

 What’s in store for participants? 

Featuring a host of favourite obstacles including Block Ness Monster (Voted Best obstacle of 2018), Arctic Enema (an ice bath that will chill you to the core), Everest (¼ pipe that requires a good starting run in order to get to the top) and Electroshock Therapy (10,000 volts that will bring out moves that you didn’t know you had).

The addition of the 40ft Mudderhorn for 2019 has generated much excitement for this year’s event. 

Anything boys can do, girls can do better

It’s big, it’s bold, it’s fun and it is attracting an increasing number of female mudders in 2019. You’d think that taking on a challenge like Tough Mudder might discourage female participation but the opposite is true. In 2019 there will be a whopping 39% of female participants taking on the challenging course. 

Females from across the country are flocking to Tough Mudder to prove that anything boys can do girls can do better and, in many cases, faster. Roz Purcell is amongst the many female participants who have taken on the course on multiple occasions enjoying the camaraderie of fellow mudders, taking great pride in completing the challenge. 

Roz Purcell tackling Tough Mudder Ireland

Participants finishing the Classic 8 Mile and 5K event receive much admiration and applause as they make their way through the final obstacle before claiming their coveted headband, finisher t-shirt and well-earned post event refreshments. 

If you think you are bold and brazen enough to take on the challenge sign up today at www.toughmudder.ie. We have faith in you. Now it’s time to have faith in yourself. #girlpower #herecomethegirls