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Top Tip: What Makes a Great Breakfast


Boost your energy stores with a great wholesome breakfast Breakfasts should provide at least 20 – 25% (400 – 500 calories) of your total daily requirements.

We strongly recommend that you break your fast within the first hour of rising. This will not only provides you with energy to start your day it also provides you with great nutrients (vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, protein and fats) which assist all the chemical reactions within the body (aka your metabolism).

Research has shown that those who eat breakfast have more balanced diets than those who miss it, are less likely to be overweight, have reduced risk to certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes and for runners like us it will helps us to have oodles of energy to keep us on our toes!! 

Examples of a wholesome breakfasts include: 1) 40g porridge made on whole milk with 1 tsp of ground seeds. 2) A wholemeal English Muffin served with a poached / boiled egg and spinach and 150g whole yoghurt 3) Bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon (this you could purchase from The Bagel Bar, a healthpro endorsed food outlet) or 4) some tasty Haddock (Beshoff Bros – endorsed by our dietetic team create a great haddock in their new breakfast menu at Dame Street).   Remember, be adventurous think variety.

We also recommend that you choose Kerrigans for your butchers – we are working hard with their team to provide for you great tasting meals and meats for you to nourish your body. 

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Harriette Lynch
Consultant Dietitian and Exercise Specialist
BA Ec / Soc, BSc Nut / Diet, M.I.N.D.I., N.C.E.H.S., REPS