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Tony Mangan Wins Across The Years 72 Hour Race In Arizona


Entry Forms, Closing Dates and Timetables From the AAI website Tony Mangan from Dublin’s MSB won a major 3 day ultra race by 37.5km over the holidays! The Across The Years 72 hour race ( named so as it starts on December 29th and finishes on New Years Day) is a high profile race in the ultra running callendar. His final mileage was 440.5km/274 miles. www.acrosstheyears.com

The race route consists of a running path USAT&F certified to be 500 meters in length around the grounds of Nardini Manor, near Phoenix, Az.

Earlier this year Mangan won a 48 indoor hour race in the Czech Republic. That race was certified by ultra runnings governing body, the IAU as a world 48 hour indoor record (426.178km/265 miles) just 2 weeks before this race. In May he finished 2nd in an invitation 48 hour (track) race in Surgeres, France, 401 km/ 250 miles. He was hoping to run 400km for the first 2 day split to make it 3 x 400km 48 hour runs in 2007!

Tony lead from the start and with steady, controlled running he built up a big lead.
The days were short and sunny while the nights were long and freezing cold.

Day one he finished with 211.5km/131 miles. He managed to stay on pace till the 30th hour when the cold weather and tough course started to take its toll. By 36 hours he was vomiting frequently. The race doctor was helping him and could have pulled him out of the race.

At that stage the Dubliner changed tactics. He still had been maintaining his lead which hovered between 35 and 41km.

Mangan says, ‘’ My old friend and arch rival John Geesler was also having a tough race in second place.
‘’ I decided to forget about records and just go for a scrappy win by just tracking John for the remainder of the race.”

Day 2. 340km/ 211.266 miles. Was a new 48 hour road record.

From there to the finish the Metro man nibbled on whatever food he could manage to hold down.

Multi day races are ‘go as you please’ where the runner can nap as often as they like but the clock never stops. The organisers provide a large heated tent for the runners.

Tony estimates he took about 8 and a half hours during the 72 hours. At midnight there was a great firework display for the new year. Runners stop for a glass of champagne. Mangan stopped for a while but passed on the champagne! ‘’ My tummy wouldn’t allow it, besides I’m a non-drinker! ‘’

‘’ I napped well after the celebrations and was able to finish strongly running close to 11.5km for my last hour!

Day 3. 440.5 km/274 miles.

‘’I got my appetite back in time for the awards dinner. This was a huge and special win for me and ends the greatest ever year for Irish ultra running. A year when we have won big races set national and world records and most important of all have stars of the future in Dara O’ Kearney and Helena Crossan to name just a couple coming through.’’

Tony Mangan’s next challenge is a defence of his 48 hour world indoor title in Brno, Czech Rep. March 28-30th. He is currently searching for a handler.

Tony Thanks his footwear and clothing sponsor, Pearl Izumi.

ULTRARUNNING IRELAND. 5/1/2008. From the AAI website.

Entry Forms, Closing Dates and Timetables

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