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The New Half Marathon world record holder, Geoffrey Kamworor


Geoffrey Kamworor sets new half marathon world record

Geoffrey Kamworor is ecstatic to be the new half marathon world record holder.

In an interview after the race, he remarks “it’s something that has been in my mind for so long” and he had planned to do something special in Copenhagen returning to where he won his first world title there. Kamworor was on a mission to run a faster race and obtain a world record which he was mentally and physically prepared to do. He had planned that the pacemakers would push him to 10 kilometres and he was determined to run the second half by himself. And that’s exactly what happened when he realised he was on the right time he pushed himself. Although Kamworor had won three half marathon titles previously he still longed for the world record. With huge support and encouragement behind the Kenyan, his time has come. Crossing the finish line in an epic time of 58.01, Kamworor breaks former champion, Kiptu’s record of 58.18. His pace per mile was 4.25.5 and his pace per 10k, 27.29.96. Winning by 17 seconds was celebrated by a combination of fist-pumping, holding back the tears and overcoming the emotion. Considering the harsh and wet conditions, it highlights the 26-year-olds dominance in Copenhagen.

Now he is on a quest for an Olympic medal and next year that’s what he will be focusing and working hard to achieve. Kamworor also wishes to return to the Danish capital to achieve something special, ‘maybe under 58 minutes’, he jokes.

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