World University Games The final weekend of preparations begin on Friday as 26 Irish athletes are set to depart for Shenzhen, China for the World University Games, August 12th to the 23rd.

This event will mark the 26th International University Sports Federation (FISU) Summer Universiade and 26 Irish athletes will be competing in six different sports including Archery, Athletics, Golf, Swimming, Taekwondo and Weightlifting.

Head of Delegation, Cathy Gallagher, believes that the athletes are focused and prepared for the task at hand.

“All the athletes have been training hard and they were chosen for their pedigree and talents in their sport,” said Gallagher,
“I have no doubt that Team Ireland will show all the passion, determination and effort that will make the country, and our supporters, proud.”

Ireland will begin its medal quest on the 14th of August with Swimming and Archery events to commence.

An official event schedule can be downloaded at https://www.sznews.com/wug2011/General%20Competition%20Schedule%20V13July%2025%202011.pdf and press releases and photos will be sent to all media outlets daily.

The official opening ceremony of the World University Games takes place on Friday, August 12th and it will be televised live on China CCTV. A detailed athlete list is below and for further information, please email PRO Jolie Niland at [email protected].

John Smith, Dublin Institute of Technology, Co Meath

Amy Foster, University of Ulster Jordanstown, Co Down
Brendan Boyce, Leeds Metropolitan University, Co Donegal
Darren McBrearty, Dublin City University, Co Donegal
Jessie Barr, University of Limerick, Co Limerick
Justine Kenny, Loughborough University, England
Kourosh Foroughi, Dublin City University, Co Meath
Laura Reynolds, Dublin City University, Co Leitrim
Micheál Doyle, University of Bedfordshire, Co Dublin

Emma O’Driscoll, University College Cork, Co Cork
Louise Mernagh, NUI Maynooth, Co Wicklow
Lucy Simpson, NUI Maynooth, Co Antrim
Barry Anderson, NUI Maynooth, Co Sligo
John Greene, University College Dublin, Co Dublin
Kelan McDonagh, NUI Maynooth, Co Roscommon
Stephen Walsh, University College Dublin, Co Dublin

Aisling Cooney, University College Dublin, Co Dublin
Bethany Carson, University of Ulster Jordanstown, Co Antrim
Fiona Doyle, University of Calgary, Canada
Karl Burdis, Dublin City University, Co Dublin
Lorna Cummins, Loughborough University, Co Cork
Ryan Harrison, University of Tennessee, Co Derry
Niamh O’Sullivan, University College Dublin, Co Cork
Niall Wynn, University College Dublin, Co Dublin

Niamh Buffini, Institute of Technology Tallaght, Co Dublin

Kevin D’Arcy, Robert Gordon University, Co Galway