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Support children’s charity PREDA’s “Run for Freedom” with Catherina McKiernan and Damien Dempsey


“Take a stand for child rights – or better take a run!” PREDA’s “Run for Freedom” with musician Damien Dempsey and athletics legend Catherina McKiernan on Saturday 28th April ,2012 in the Phoenix Park

PREDA is a Philippines based children’s charity which strives to free children from adult prisons and child exploitation.


The run will provide runners of all ages and fitness levels to show their solidarity with the children rescued by PREDA by running or walking on the afternoon of the 28th of April. Your support can genuinely make a difference – to put it in context 60 euro can pay for the legal fees to free a child from prison. It will be an enjoyable event as it will be a soft sell of a hard message.

Children under 12 are free and it will be a great opportunity to meet athletics legend Catherina and musician Damien Dempsey who is getting us all set for "The Rocky Road to Poland" !


Check out the "Run for Freedom" ad on YouTube: PREDA Run For Freedom 2012

Spot prizes on the day. Refreshments available on the day. Profits from the fun run will be used to help with the rehabilitation of the rescued children and also to help promote the message of PREDA to a wider audience nationally.


"Run for Freedom" route description: Runners will meet at the Papal Cross. The run will be 5km in length beginning consisting of two 2.5km circuits. It shall begin at the meeting point of Khyber and Acres Road in the Phoenix park. The run shall proceed south-eastwards along the Khyber road where it will meet, and go around Magazine Fort.


Email:[email protected] for any run or related queries.


For further information about PREDA checkout www.preda.org www.predagalway.org Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/PREDA-Galway/119307421426203


Type in "Damien Dempsey PREDA" in YouTube to see some clips from Damien’s visit to the PREDA centre and some detention centres in Manila, Philippines in June 2010 as well as footage and interviews from some of his passionate PREDA concerts.

PREDA (Registered Charity CHY 16815)