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Streets Of Galway 8K Road-Race Now On Facebook!


from Galway City Harriers Have you got a Facebook account? Do you participate in on-line social networking? Then you may want to join the following open group which has recently been created on Facebook to celebrate all that is worth discussing about this hugely popular road-race through the streets of Galway held in August every year: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=32015565039&ref=mf.

It is our hope to create an informal affiliation society for this race outside the more formal constraints of the official club website of race-organisers, local running club Galway City Harriers. Please feel free to join up and pass on this link to any friends and acquaintances who may share an interest in this race from having participated one or more times during it’s celebrated 23 year history to date. Remember, new members can be invited by any existing group members directly via Facebook or via an invite sent to a valid e-mail account. Looking forward to seeing you in the group…