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Start racing as a team!


from BHAA To compete as part of a team with the BHAA, all you need is 2 more runners from your company. For the team prize giving, there are 4 grades for men, with three teams in each grade, making that 12 men’s teams winning prizes each race. Whilst for the ladies, prizes go to the top 3 teams. If you cannot get a company team together, please let us know you can allocate your-self to a team with individuals from a similar industry. You can group together with 5 other individuals from a similar industry and set your team for the year. This will remain your team for that year. In the combined races, women are eligible to be part of a men’s team to score.

So why not increase your chances of winning? Go to “My Downloads” to see who runs in your organisation and contact them to join you in a race. As the saying goes, it your not in you cannot win!!

Feel free to contact any member of the BHAA committee for further information or post your question on the forum.

Happy racing.

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