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Sportvis gets key players back in the game at least 7 days faster


Dr. Sean Moffatt, Mayo Minors team doctor 2009 season Sportvis™ is a highly effective, fast-acting treatment that directly targets the torn ligament in ankle sprains to promote accelerated healing. Composed of biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, Sportvis™ comes in the form of two injections. When injected into the injury site, the Hyaluronic Acid reacts with the torn ligament, forming a “gel-like” fibrin complex which provides structural support to the soft tissue as it binds the torn ligament fibres together.

The powerful healing action of Sportvis™ works on 3 levels simultaneously:

1. it immediately relieves the area of inflammation, reducing pain,
2. It quickly provides a type of ‘scaffolding’ support network to the damaged tissue and
3. It reduces the formation of scar tissue which ensures the injury will not only heal faster but better and stronger reducing the risk of injury recurrence in the long-term.

In clinical trials to determine the efficacy of Sportvis™, it was proven that the majority of patients returned to daily activities and sports 6 days faster. Subsequent trials carried out at a 2-year follow-up period demonstrate that 70% of patients treated with Sportvis™ had no recurrence of the injury and had significantly fewer days missing from sport versus the placebo group. Dr. Sean Moffatt reports that he found Sportvis very effective and players returned at least 7 days faster (an ankle sprain normally takes 3 -4 weeks to heal). His conclusion was that “there’s value for money in Sportvis as it enables key players and elite athletes return to their sport faster”.

Sportvis™ has already been used and endorsed by a number of other well-known sports doctors here in Ireland. Dr. Eanna Falvey, Consultant in Sports Medicine at Sports Surgery Clinic (SSC) in Santry, Dublin and Team Doctor to the Irish Rugby Team, states that “A review of Dr. Petrella’s research shows…..early treatment with Sportvis™ has the ability to accelerate recovery, strengthening the joint and minimising the risk of recurrence……it (Sportvis™) forms a central part of our management of ankle sprain at Sports Surgery Clinic (SCC)”.

While Dr. Philip Carolan, Dean of Sports & Exercise Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) reports that “this treatment is probably the best out there for managing ankle injuries in sport…..if players want to get back to playing sport quickly, we recommend this (Sportvis™)”
Sportvis™ has also recently been approved for the treatment of Chronic Tennis Elbow or Lateral Epicondylitis. Sportvis™ should be used in conjunction with R.I.C.E. and physiotherapy for optimum results. To find a Sportvis™ trained doctor or for further information visit www.sportvis.ie