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Spokes Tramore Duathlon


3km Run 16km Cycle 3km Run

Registration opens from 10:30 am until 11:30 ONLY

Transition opens from 10:30 until 11:45

Race numbers
Race numbers must be worn on the front during the entire race

Competitors race briefing @ 11:45am on Saturday morning. Be ready to go racing straight after the briefing.

Important Information
It is each YOUR own responsibility to ensure that YOUR bike is in good mechanical order and safe to ride.

Triathlon Ireland membership is needed to race, if you do not have a current membership you will have to buy a 1 day licence at the event, this is for insurance purposes.

Course Details

Map of course attached below


The 1st run is 3 km loop that encircles the seaside amenity area of the town. On leaving transition, competitors will turn right and run through The Gap towards Riverstown. Approximately 1km along the route the competitors will turn left up Old Crobally Rd towards the Lower Branch Rd. The route then turns left again along the Lower Branch Rd. past the Majestic Hotel until Strand Road. The final 1 km of the run will be along the pedestrian Promenade which will return the competitors back to the Transition area in front of the Surf Centre.


You will be directed into transition from the 1st run, you must put your helmet on before touching your bike, you must obey marshals here and everywhere else on the course, anyone abusing the marshalls will be disqualified immediately. You cannot mount your bike until after you cross the mount dismount line at the exit of transition area.


On leaving the transition area there is a short exit road before joining the main road, there will be marshalls at every junction along with Gardai, you must obey the marshalls at all times on the road and normal rules of the road apply. The roads are open to traffic so stay on the left only pass when it is safe to do so.

Distances are in Kilometers from the start and are approximate

Competitors will exit transition and turn right onto Riverstown Rd. towards the GAA grounds (approx. 1.5km). Just past the GAA grounds there is a roundabout which will be controlled by marshals. You will be taking the 3rd exit which is signposted Waterford.

A further 750 metres along this road you will encounter another roundabout, again this will be controlled by marshals. You will proceed straight through this roundabout in the direction of Waterford. The remaining 6 km to the turnabout point is a main road with minor undulations. The surface is excellent and there is a substantial “hard shoulder” for cyclists.

The turn point is “Tramore Roundabout” located approximately 8km from transition. There will be marshals located at this juncture to ensure safety at all times.

This is a non drafting race so you must leave a gap of 7meters long by 3 meters wide between you and other competitors. A competitor may enter the draft zone but must be seen to be making forward progress. A maximum of 15 seconds will be allowed for a competitor to pass through the draft zone.

A penalty of 2 minutes will be given in the event of a competitor being caught drafting.


On re entry to the transition competitors must dismount before the transition area and may not remove their helmet until they have re racked their bike.

You must take care in transition not to disturb anyone elses equiptment, again marshalls must be obeyed here at all times. Please respect their instructions.

2nd Run
The 2nd run will follow the same route as the 1st one, the same rules apply.

We are looking forward to an enjoyable and above all safe race, make sure to follow the rules and act in appropriate fashion.

This race is being run with Triathlon Ireland sanctioning and therefore will be run under their rules.

Individual entry – €20 per person (Non Members of Triathlon Ireland are subject to a 1 day licence fee, Which is payable on the day[10-15 Euro])

Individual entry – €20 per person (for members of Triathlon Ireland only)

Relay Teams Entry – €25 For Teams of 2 or 3

– All Profits go to the Order of Malta –