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Spokes “Metal Man” Tramore Triathlon


The Metal Man Tramore Triathlon will consist of a 750m Swim, a 20Km Cycle and a 5 Km Run

Cycle Route

Come out of transition turn right, heading straight towards riverstown roundabout, take the right turn exit, then you will approach another roundabout on which you will carry on straight through. Heading towards Waterford City on the main Tramore to Waterford road approx 9 km into the cycle, you will be taking the right turn exit on the ballindudd roundabout approx 1 Kilometer you will be approaching another roundabout take the right turn exit again. This will be the old Waterford to Tramore road. For approx 1km you will reach your first turn right, Take this turn right and it will lead you back onto the main Waterford to Tramore road for approx 8km you will come to the first roundabout which you will go straight through and the you will reach the Riverstown roundabout on where you will take the left turn exit and this will lead you back down to transition.

Run Route

On leaving transition you will head towards the lifeguards hut on which there will be a slip way that will be leading onto tramore beach. You will be running towards the sand dunes on the main beach on about a kilometer and a half. There will be an exit to the left where there will be a warterstation situated. That will lead you onto the back strand and on the back strand you will be running back to transition for approx 1.5km.