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Southcoast Endurance Race


Nature and Sequence of Event
1. Stage 1: Forestry Trial Run 4 km
You will start at the entrance to the Forestry by running past and activating the electronic timing system. The run commences with a gentle incline through undiscovered natural forestry tracks and emerges onto a small winding road for a small distance before re-entering the forestry to make your way to the first transition area where you will swipe your timer and collect your bike and hit the road. This section of the course will be marked and easy to follow.
2. Stage 2: Cycle 36 km
The first stage of the cycle takes you back towards and through Skibbereen where you will follow the rolling hills and round the southerly tip of Toe Head where you can enjoy the uninterrupted and splendid views of the Atlantic Ocean. On most days you can see the Kedges and Stags rocks and on a clear day you will be able to see as far as the Mizen Lighthouse The enduring challenge of Coombe Hill awaits you after you pass through the costal village of Tragunma. Following that you will shortly arrive in Irelands Only inland Natural Marine Wildlife Reservation where you will drop your bike in transition 2.
3. Stage 3 Hill Run / climb 2 km
The adventure begins here. The meandering paths of Knockomagh Hill will take you up 200m where at the summit you can take a breath and sample the beauty of Lough Hyne and the South Coast of Ireland.
4. Stage 4: Cycling 6 km
Following your decent from the hill you will swipe your timing chip and cycle a short distance beginning with a slight hill returning back towards base camp to the Kayak Transition
5. Stage 5: Kayaking 1.5 km
On entering Transition 3 you will grab your Kayak, buoyancy aid and paddle and head up river towards Skibbereen
6. Stage 6: Final Dash 1.5 km
You will emerge from the kayak at Newbridge where you are only 1.5 km from that all elusive Finish line. On exiting the landing area you must cross the bridge so please take care. There will be safety stewards here to assist you. Please stay on the footpath all the way to the finish line, as this is a busy section of road. You have made it –WELL DONE, Take a moment to take it all in.. THE PARTY STARTS HERE!