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SoundMagic E30 Pro-fit Earphones


Runireland review Runireland is amazing, the running community is growing, and our forum topics are getting very interesting. We were discussing which earphones to wear while running, and HeadphoneHub.ie kindly sent us some pairs of the new SoundMagic E30 Pro-fit Earphones to try out so.
Well, this is what we found out !


We all know how difficult it is to find good earphones for running. The main problems I have found in the past were :

  • Too Bulky
  • Falling off while running
  • Too heavy
  • Bad sound quality
  • Bad build quality
  • Damaged by sweat


The package was very nicely presented, with quite a few accessories, a travel bag, 4 different sizes of ear tips, cable clip and ear hooks. I really like the travel bag, as a coach my back pack is always full & thrown all over the place so the travel bag kept the earphones neat and tidy.


The first thing I did with the SoundMagic E30 Earphones, was I plugged them into my phone to compare them with something I knew. So I dug out all my previous earphones and headsets I had and compared them which gave me a good base to work from.


Most of you would be like me, put it on, turn the music loud and let’s go running. So far the SoundMagic E30’s have been of a much higher sound quality than any of my other headphones, which includes my Beats and Philips one.
At the National Swimming Championship and Olympic trials I gave it to my athletes before the start of their race as they listen music to relax and focus and see what they think about it. They just find them so easy to wear, but most importantly they said the sound is as clear than the earphones that cost four times the price.


What I really enjoyed the most apart from the sound quality was the perfect fit in my ears. The SoundMagic E30 are very secure and do not stick out or fall when you get sweaty. It just does the job. Is that not what we are looking for?
After a hard two weeks of usage and a good few hours everyday in different environments, I was very happy that the two earphones were still working fine when most of the ones I previously used always end up breaking or losing one speaker side. They definitely had a hard time with me, it reminded me Jeremy Clarkson trying to break the Toyota Hilux…… and survived with glory.
The SoundMagic E30’s come with ear hooks, so I tried them but they weren’t comfortable and reminded me of my Philips earphones that on long runs after 1h30 get quite uncomfortable. I actually found it easier not use it as the instructions advised to do, over the ear, I actually liked them pending down and it fitted as good for some obscure reasons but it was surprisingly good news. The E30’s fitted fine both ways and I am sure most people will use it over the ear anyway. I only used it over the ear when using the E30’s with my laptop. While running, I liked to wear it as per right picture below.
The manufacturers call the shape of the earphones "clam shell" which is a really cool name, so went around my friends saying "look at that "clam shell"!


At the end of the day, I really enjoy them, and use them for every day use with my phone, music player, laptop and on my bike. Personally the most important thing for me was the SoundMagic earphones just do not hurt my ears compared to other ones I used in the past.

The ultimate question you all are looking for is "would you recommend it to runners?". The answer is yes I would! strong build, cheap, great sound and very smart earphones with good accessories.’

Sebastien Locteau


you can pick up the soundmagic e30 pro-fit earphones @ headphonehub.ie