Home News Showing their Stripes in Support of 20*20 at Lough Cutra Castle Triathlon

Showing their Stripes in Support of 20*20 at Lough Cutra Castle Triathlon


As part of their commitment to 20×20, the organisers of Lough Cutra Castle Triathlon and Multisport Festival taking place in Galway on May 25thand 26th are seeking five female athlete ambassadors for their 2019 events.

Lough Cutra Castle Triathlon kick-starts the triathlon season in the West of Ireland with a whole host of triathlon race distances for first timers to seasoned athletes. The event delivers a variety of senior and junior races over the two-day multisport festival in South Galway.

Showing Their Stripes

They already have a focus on Women in Triathlon with a women only wave in their Super Sprint Race, but this year they are taking that one step further to show their stripes and support 5 female ambassadors as part of their commitment to the 20*20 campaign.

Speaking about the initiative Brian Adcock, Race Director said, “We think the 20*20 Campaign is fantastic and want to do our bit to help increase the number of women taking part in triathlon in Ireland.  We are seeking five female ambassadors from across all levels of the sport as ambassadors, so whether this is your first year of triathlon or you are a regular racer and maybe even a podium placer we want to hear from you. We are delighted to show our stripes and support this campaign to encourage more women to take up triathlon and race with us regardless of ability or aspiration.”

If you would like to be an Ambassador in 2019 please complete the online application form HERE.

Closing Date for application is 5pm on Friday 14th March 2019.