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Seaside 10K New Route a roaring success!!!


Second Seaside 10K results are in! Integral Fitness Drogheda & Bettystown and the Clogherhead Prawn Festival have pulled off another stormer of an event! The crowd of 2000 plus were treated to all day entertainment , the rain stayed away and their were superheroes to beat the band!!

Another successful 10K run at 3 pm with a new route was met with great pleasure this year in Clogherhead….With a crowd of almost 500 taking to the tarmac to the roaring sounds of live local band The Enemies! Spiderman and Spidergirl put a smile on all the kids faces when they started the newly introduced family fun run…Happy faces all round! The main event was won in an incredible 32 minutes and the sleepy town of Clogherhead was alive and kicking until well into the evening! Results are in! Well done all!