Pess Release www.saharamarathon.org First of all a couple of words to congratulate you for your participation in this solidarity amazing project. In a bad moment for the world economy it´s a great new to see that is not crisis for solidarity with the saharawi people.
This year we have more registered runners than ever and we are asking even for a bigger airplane.
We already have participants from many different countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, Swizertland, Norway, Panamá, Puerto Rico, Ireland, England, U.S.A., Canadá, Mexico, Nederland, Finland, Sweden…
The trip schedule is different than previous years because we want to integrate the Dakhla camp in the Marathon event. We program to travel to Dakhla on tuesday morning, sleep there two nights and come back to Smara on thursday morning. We´ll organize the children race in Dakhla that is a quiet and nice camp. It is 3 hours by car from Smara. If any of you prefere to remain at Smara, please tell us to coordinate logistics.

Many projects born around the Marathon. This year a group of spanish phisically and mentally handicapped will participate in the marathon.

The former Marathon World Champion Martín Fiz has confirmed his participation in 2009 Sahara Marathon. Like his friend Abel Antón did two years ago, Martín will join the spanish group and participate in the marathon as one of the favorites. Last two years winners have also confirmed their registration.