www.saharamarathon.org Travel program and dates for SaharaMarathon 2010 have been defined, registrations are open! The number of participants is limited to the number of available seats on the flights.

If you want to participate to the solidarity projects, as an individual or a sport organization, and donate sport material or contribute to the 2010 project, please contact us.

We, the organizers, and you, the runners, started this adventure with our Saharawi friends 10 years ago, and we’ve seen it grow.

There were years of races with sand storms and years with unbearable hot weather, we had hard trips in jeeps or trucks to reach all the camps. We lived with many families, made strong friendships. All this gave us great satisfactions despite the efforts and difficulties.

 The 10th anniversary of this project is the best opportunity to bring together the old participants to this adventure.

We invite all those who took part to one or more SaharaMarathon’s editions in the past to come back e bring their friends and family. At the same time, we invite those who have never come to join us for the first time.
We’ll travel to Dhakla, the farest and less visited refugee camp, surrounded by the desert, and it is where we are planning to organize the children’s race and other sporting events for this year’s edition.

We’ll try to organize the best SaharaMarathon ever, we’ll try to make noise, because the world, at least the world of sport, knows that the Saharawi people has not been forgotten.