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Running Resolutions, Top Tips to Keep you on Track in 2017


It’s the first week in January and it’s time to set some running goals, whether it’s to start running or to chase a personal best. The hardest part of New Year resolutions is keeping them. Apparently by January 15th we have all but abandoned our New Year resolutions, even with the best intentions. Here are some top tips from the Run Ireland team to help you keep those running resolutions and focus your efforts on your 2017 goals.

1. Make sure your goals are your own goals.
Not everyone wants to run a marathon or a sub-20-minute 5k.

2. Start running regularly.
Create the time to get out and run, walk or jog: schedule the time in your diary, so you can’t make excuses later in the day to not get out for a run.

3. Clean up your diet.
Make small changes rather than deciding to go cold turkey off sweets, coffee, crisps and alcohol. Making small changes to your diet will help with your fitness and fuelling for your new-found love of running.

4. Mix up the terrain and location of your run.
Vary your run between the road, the track, trails in forest parks, even the beach. The change of scenery will make the time and miles pass more quickly.

5. Download an app so you can track your progress.
There are a whole host of apps out there that can help to track both your training and your food. An app also helps with accountability: watching yourself get fitter and faster is a great incentive to keep going.

6. Get social.
Encourage friends or family to join you. Use the opportunity to catch up with friends over a run: the miles are much easier together.

7. Pick a race as a goal.
Or pick a couple of races, with at least one of them somewhere that lets you make a holiday or night away out of it, at home or abroad. This gives you an added incentive to get social and also encourages you to keep up your training, as you know you have a trip away on the horizon.

8. Keep your runners in the car when travelling.
This ensures you have them to hand and can get out for a run even when you’re away with work.

9. Pack your gear bag the night before.
This is a big one: it means you can just grab your bag in the morning when you leave the house – not only does it save time, it makes it harder to skip your session.

10. Enjoy a treat every couple of weeks.
Whether it’s a relaxing massage, a new running top or whatever’s a treat for you: in between your race goals you’ll have something to look forward to.

 Written by: Joanne Murphy