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runireland in Beijing Part 2


all this for a few swimming caps ! The last few days were very busy in runireland.com
We already are one of the main national running and triathlon news websites, and in 24hours we became the centre of an Olympic swimming story.
Who could have ever believe that we would talk about swimming in this website. I do think that sports are related in some ways. I always watch other sports skills and re-use them in a different sport environment.

I spent my last few days answering question to the media, why is this happened ? who is responsible for it? What was the problem ?

Of course it is the kind of question that whatever your answer you get trapped in the game of feeding contraversy. When they all were looking for answered, a few people in the sport community such as Deirdre McGrath and myself were more interested in how it is possible to solve this issue. I spent a long time in the international circuit of swimming, running and triathlon, and the reason why I decided to get involved was simply to help those athletes who deserve support from us. They train so hard and for so long, that we forget from time to time that when you qualify for the Olympics, whatever your results are there, there will never be any luck in qualifying. Regarding what was wrong with the caps; honestly, I still don’t know, there was a couple of theories behind this, the shamrock size, the shamrock itself which might not be recognised from other countries, the sponsors on both side etc… Comments have been distorted in media. In any case my concern was only to make a simple cap which would fit the Olympic regulations and this is what I did, I played it safe and did what some other countries did, the national flag with their name.

The other point which came back often, was why did we not see them using those caps yet ?

A high performance piece of equipment, is very important at this level. It has the same principle than running with a brand new pair of shoes on a marathon, or even a 10km, would you take the risk ? even at the Olympics ? or would you prefer to use something that you know will do what it is suppose to do.

A swim cap can make your goggles moving then leaking, after a few use it moulds to your head perfectly, adding less resistance to the water. A current example is Melanie Nocher and even Michael Phelps in his Final.

My goal in this story was not to make sure they were the cap I made for them, but to give them the oportunity and the safe feeling that it was there for them if needed, that was the major factor, it is the Olympic games after all !

Andrew Bree, swam extremly well over the last few days, his time of 2min10 in Breststroke would certainly have been a world record, even a gold medal a few Olympics Games only.

Andrew, Aisling and Melanie we hope in runireland that we showed that nothing is impossible, keep your good work !

Seb Locteau

RTE video : https://www.irishtriathlon.com/equiptoswim/video/Melanie.html


  1. Boards.ie

    “On Liveline now, a french guy in Galway re designed the Irish swim cap and got in touch with a chinese Manufacturer , who made 9 caps and flew them from one end of China to the other, what a story ! This guy could organise it in a couple of days and we cocked it up with 4 years preparation !”

    From what I have heard Andrew Bree received the new hats, his Dad thanked Seb Locteau on RTE radio news today, they are standard size, which didn’t fit as tight as he would like so chose to wear his custom made black cap over it to ensure he had no problems, which I think is understandable seeing as this is the the biggest swim of his career. I think Andrew has done brilliantly and wish him all the best in the semifinal, and I think Seb Locteau was brilliant to get him replacement caps at such short notice according to an article on runireland he was only contacted on Sunday evening which didn’t give much time to gets hats made and delivered.”

    “Well done Seb. From other dealings with him, I have to say I rate him highly as a sportsman and professional. He even posts on boards occasionally!