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Ronan Mc Cormack Charity Challenge 2017


The 5th annual Ronan McCormack Charity Challenge takes place on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th March 2017.

This will be a fun-filled, challenging and entertaining event and will be held over 24 hours in Roscommon town and it’s surrounds. The event starts on the evening of March 3rd with a 5km & 10km walk/jog/run around Roscommon Town. This Moonlight Run will commence at 8pm.

Saturday March 4th will commence at 9am with cycle routes covering two distances, 65km & 105km. Each route will take cyclists on a tour of the county of Roscommon and it’s neighbouring counties. This is not a timed event. All levels of cyclists are catered for in this event.

Both these events are a perfect way to start the athletic calendar and provide an excellent goal for all New Year’s resolutions.

This charity challenge weekend is organised in memory of a wonderful young Roscommon Town man, Ronan McCormack. Ronan left this world tragically on the 8th of May 2010 as a result of a road traffic accident, aged just 26 years. This event aims to turn a tragedy into something positive. Over the past 4 years, this charity challenge, has raised a total of €108,815. Charities that have benefited from it include: The Jack and Jill Foundation, Roscommon Special Olympics Club, Pieta House, Crannog Child Respite Galway, Burrenview Child Development Centre and Roscommon Mayo Hospice. This funding has gone to help those in our society who have greater needs than us and who sometimes struggle with the simple things we all take for granted.

The chosen charities for 2017 are:

-Pieta House

-The Jack and Jill Foundation

-Roscommon Special Olympics Club

-Burrenview Child Development Centre Galway

The purpose of this weekend is to raise awareness of the good work being carried out by these charities while sharing lots of fun and laughter and helping to promote health and happiness.

It is also an opportunity for everyone to get out and get active. Cycling and running classes will commence early January to encourage activity and participation for everyone. I expect that this event similar to the previous 4, will be very well supported and bring athletes and onlookers into town which should benefit the local business community.
Event details and schedule

Friday 3rd March 2017 – Moonlight Walk/Jog/Run @ 8pm

Saturday 4th March 2017 – Cycle @ 9am

Free T-shirt for all Moonlight Walk/Jog/Run participants

Free Cyclist Water Bottle for all Cycle participants

Event location: Roscommon Leisure Zone, Lanesboro Road, Roscommon Town