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Rocks and rolling Ultra


Rocks and Rolling Ultra

Ultra Marathon;   First Start in Moville, ultra runners will have an easy 5 mile on the banks of the Foyle, passing Greencastle along golf lings to Shroove before encountering the first reasonable climb. Then another 2 easy mile before taking on the toughest climb of the race, travelling towards Kinego Bay runners climb 800ft over 1.5 mile. Fantastic scenery if that’s any consolation.A long decent arrives at beautiful Kinego Bay of Spanish Armada fame (13.0), just short of the Full Marathon start.

Full Marathon; Full marathon start, at Kinego will be 1.5hrs after Ultra start and it is likely that some front runners will have gone through beforehand. Full Marathon runners will want to warm up as the first mile is a steady climb. Afterwards it is a rolling scenic coastal route through Tremone, Ballyharry and onto the beautiful village of Culdaff. Then through Aughaclay and onto Malin town and the Half Marathon start.

Half Marathon;  Starting at Malin town, 3 hours after the Ultra start this is expected to be the largest start. No major surprises on the half marathon course, this is reasonably level and fast course. Ultra runners who have now completed 26.2 mile will be comforted in the fact that the last third is a little flatter albeit their aching limbs probably won’t think so.

Finish Line; The last 1.5 mile will be along a sandy beach, but that won’t matter, the finish line will be in view and thats all that matters.The Medal and t shirt, (after all thats what you came for) and the true elation of having completed your own personal challenge, whether that be Ultra, Full or Half.Showers, spa and hot beverages await you in Ballyliffin.

Ultra Race will start at 9.00am

Full Marathon will start at 10.30 am

Half Marathon Walk starts at 11.30

Half Marathon Run will start at 12 noon.

Entry fee’s

  Ultra Marathon  70 Euro

  Full Marathon  55 Euro

  Half Marathon – walk/run   35 Euro


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Regards Runireland Team