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Corribdale Duathlon


 Now in its 3rd year, Corribdale Duathlon has established a place on the Duathlon calendar, with it’s fast course and friendly atmosphere. Changed to a Sunday this year, we hopee that this will ensure that the interaction with traffic will be at a minimum!

The first picturesque run is a flat technical course over 4k which take you along the banks of the Owenriff river as it enters Lough Corrib and back to Corribdale.

The 13k bike course takes place on the N59 which takes participants on a wide flat road With only 2 inclines on the course, at the beginning and the end of the bike leg, fast times are guaranteed!

The final run leg will be lung burner as it is only 2k and again on a flat course which allows you go "flat out". The event is run by an experienced team well accustomed to organising run and bike events.
Event details and schedule

Sign on – 9:00 – Oughterard Boxing Club

Parking in the public car park in Oughterard, limited parking beside transition and also limited on street parking.

Helmets must be worn, no exceptions.

No, you don’t need to have all the latest cycling gear and yes you can do it on a mountain bike!!

Our event is a draft free event which means you can’t tuck in behind a faster cyclist and let them tow you around!! . Drafting penalties will be applied where necessary.  The event is run on public open roads and as such competitors must obey the Rules of the Road.

Cyclists must be over 16 on the day of the event. Again no exceptions made here as the event is held on open roads.

Email [email protected] if you have any queries!