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Results from Beaumont Park Cross Country


Please find attached the results from the Cross Country race in Beaumont Park on the 13th February.
Results are available in other formats @ https://www.corkbhaa.com/pages/results.htm

Next Cork BHAA Event:
ESB/Fota Island Hotel 5k
Sunday 13th March @ 11am
Entries & changing at Fota Island Hotel This race takes place within the hotel grounds Full prize list to include “Hot Spot”

Results of NCF cross-country:

 Hello all,

Last Saturday we had the North County Farmers cross-country at Swords. It was a very nice day and the course was in good shape, even though the playing pitches in the park had been declared unplayable.

We are very grateful to Paul Barnwall and his small group of neighbours and friends for their efforts in putting on a very enjoyable race. There are some photos on the BHAA website and I have also come across some very good photos from the race here. Taken using Peter Mooney’s camera but I think Peter himself was running. The photos show what a nice day it was.


League scoring:
I have been asked to outline the method of scoring for individual and team leagues.
1. Points are assigned based on a runner’s position in their standard for the race in question. For a combined race, male runners are grouped for scoring as are female. So, if there are five finishers in standard 12, they will score 10, 9.9, 9.8, 9.7 and 9.6 and similarly for other standards.

2. If a lady runs in a men’s race they will be scored with the men of their standard.

3. A runner will be scored in their current standard for a race as opposed to the one in which they started the current league.

4. The final division within which a runner will end up is based on their average standard for the league. As a runner’s standard can change, it is fairer to move runners between divisions when using this new scoring methodology.

5. The average standard for a runner will be rounded to the nearest standard.

6. The number of races to score will remain the same.

7. Organisers are awarded 10 points for the race in which they don’t run but are involved as organisers and helpers.

Results of NCF cross-country:

The BHAA is a voluntary organisation with committed individuals involved in a variety of roles. Occasionally, despite their best efforts, something goes wrong. Unfortunately, last Saturday was such an occasion. The results that emerged turned out to be inaccurate and although the individual prizes were distributed accurately, the overall rankings down the field were unreliable. Accordingly, it was decided by the BHAA committee this week that the race would not count towards the individual or team leagues, nor would standards be adjusted based on the race.

So what happened? The main method of ranking finishers is to tear off the bar code from each person’s number and place it in sequence on a spike. Later, these are read using a bar code scanner. The collection of bar codes became jumbled in the finishing process. Usually, there would be two separate fall-back options – we have clipboards to write down numbers as people cross the finish line and we also have a video camera that can be pointed at the finish. Both of these methods were not in operation which left us with an unsolvable problem. Why did it happen? A variety of factors but on this occasion it boils down to insufficient helpers at the finish. Obviously the BHAA committee is very distressed by this and will do all that it can to ensure that these problems do not recur. It highlights the need to have lots of people available to help in a wide range of tasks at every race. Please offer your services whenever you are available.

Of course the occasional hiccup should not detract from the enjoyment of the running itself and you will have another great cross-country opportunity this weekend. Be there if you can make it.
The Editor